Hunting Feral Hogs in New Mexico: Where and How to Find the Best Spots


Feral hogs, also known as wild pigs or boars, can be a nuisance and cause significant damage to crops and natural habitats. In New Mexico, hunting feral hogs is legal on both public and private lands. Here are some tips on where to find these animals in the state.

Public Lands

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish manages several public lands that allow hog hunting. These include the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) properties such as Sabinoso Wilderness Area, Rio Chama Wildlife Area, Wagon Mound Wildlife Area, South San Juan Wilderness Area, Gila National Forest and many more.

Private Lands

Many ranches in New Mexico offer guided hog hunts on their property for a fee. Depending on what part of the state you’re interested in visiting will depend on which ranches are available for hunting packages. Make sure you have your license up-to-date before scheduling any hunt at a private land location.

Tips For Safety And Success

Hunting feral hogs can be dangerous if not done properly; always exercise caution when approaching them – especially when dealing with wounded animals who have entered thick brush or rough terrain. When planning your trip remember that feral hogs are intelligent creatures who use their sense of smell to avoid danger; because they’re nocturnal creatures being quiet while stalking through dense vegetation will increase success rates significantly.

In Conclusion

New Mexico offers plenty of opportunities for hunters looking for an adventure with these elusive animals – whether it’s on public land or through private hunting outfitters’ services all over the state! With this guide at hand hopefully you’ve found some helpful tips to plan your next hog hunt!