Where to Hunt Feral Hogs in Ohio: The Best Hunting Spots for Hog-Hunting Success


Feral hogs are a major problem in many states, including Ohio. They cause damage to crops and natural habitats, spread diseases, and are a threat to native wildlife. As such, hunters are encouraged to take part in controlling their population by hunting them down.

Public Hunting Lands

Ohio has several public hunting lands where you can hunt feral hogs legally. These include the Wayne National Forest, Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area, Dean State Forest, and Zaleski State Forest. However, it is important that you check with local authorities for specific regulations before embarking on your hunting trip.

Private Property

Hunting feral hogs on private property requires permission from the landowner or leaseholder. Some farmers may allow hunters onto their land as they see these animals as a nuisance that needs managing. Ask around at local sporting goods stores or online forums for any potential opportunities.

Hiring Professional Services

Another option is to hire professional hog hunting services operating in Ohio. These services have access to private properties where feral hogs roam freely and offer guided hunts using dogs or baited traps. This option may be slightly more expensive but it guarantees you a higher chance of success while ensuring safety measures are adhered to.


In summary, there are several options available when looking for places to hunt feral hogs in Ohio; public lands,farmlands with permission from owners or hiring professional services . Ensure that you abide by all relevant laws and regulations during your hunt so as not violate any rules governing these activities . With proper planning , preparation , and execution , taking part in this activity could be an exciting experience worth having!