The Ultimate Guide: Where to Hunt Feral Hogs in Texas for Free


Texas is home to a significant population of feral hogs that causes widespread destruction. These pigs cause severe damage to crops, fences, and natural habitats. As such, hunting feral hogs has become an important recreational activity in Texas. Hunting these wild animals can be an expensive affair if you factor in the cost of permits and access fees charged by landowners. However, there are some places where you can hunt feral hogs for free.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD)

The TPWD manages millions of acres across the state with open spaces available for public use including hunting activities like hog hunting. Most wildlife management areas provide hunters with free access but require a permit which they get from authorized retailers or online at no cost.

US Army Corps Of Engineers

Several US Army Corps Of Engineers lakes throughout Texas offer excellent opportunities for pig hunts as they allow hog hunting year-round on their land without charging any fee or requiring a license or permit except when using firearms outside designated shooting hours.

Bureau of Land Management(BLM)

If you plan on taking advantage of BLM-managed sites be sure to check their maps as not all areas within them are open for pig hunting; however when permitted it’s totally free!

Private Properties

It may sound impossible but some private properties allow experienced hunters access to their lands providing no liability issues arise during the hunt! You might have better luck reaching out to friends who own ranches and ask if there’s room for one more hunter this season.

In conclusion, finding where to hunt feral hogs in Texas does not have to break your budget because several options offer free access—just remember always check regulations before heading out!