Wild Hog Hunting in Wisconsin: Where to Find Feral Hogs


Feral hogs, also known as wild pigs, have become a growing problem in Wisconsin. These invasive animals damage crops, destroy habitats and pose a significant threat to the environment. Fortunately, there are several areas in Wisconsin where you can hunt these destructive beasts.

Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest

The Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest is one of the most popular places for feral hog hunting in Wisconsin. The state forest has over 30,000 acres of land that provide an ideal habitat for these creatures. It’s home to dense forests and swamps that offer excellent cover for feral hogs.

Vernon County Wildlife Area

Another great place to hunt feral hogs in Wisconsin is Vernon County Wildlife Area. This area covers more than 12,500 acres of land and features rolling hills and dense forests. Many hunters consider this spot as one of the best areas to find large populations of wild pigs.

Bartel Marsh State Wildlife Area

Bartel Marsh State Wildlife Area is located near Green Bay and spans over 6,000 acres. One unique feature about Bartel Marsh is its freshwater marshes which make it an excellent place for waterfowl hunting too! Additionally, it provides ample opportunities for those seeking a thrilling experience or looking for some fresh pork meat.


Hunting feral hogs offers an opportunity to control their population while enjoying various outdoor activities with family members or friends who share similar interests. However, before embarking on your next hunting trip be sure to check regulations regarding bag limits required equipment licenses etc., as they differ from region-to-region within Wisconsin state law guidelines.
Happy Hunting!