Where to Hunt Hogs in Arkansas: The Best Spots for Hog Hunters


Arkansas is a fantastic place for hog hunting with its vast wilderness and diverse terrain. The state has become quite popular among hunters due to the abundance of feral hogs, which can be hunted year-round. This blog post will provide you with some tips on where to find these elusive creatures in Arkansas.

The Ozarks

The Ozarks region in northern Arkansas is one of the best places for hog hunting. The area’s rugged terrain provides an ideal habitat for wild hogs, making it easier to locate them. With large forests and abundant water sources nearby, the Ozarks have everything that these animals need to survive.

Borders Between Public and Private Lands

Hunters should look for areas where public lands meet private property boundaries since feral pigs often travel across different territories. These border zones are usually fertile grounds for finding wild boars wandering in search of food or water.

National Forests and Wildlife Management Areas

In addition to private properties, national forests and wildlife management areas offer excellent opportunities for hog hunting in Arkansas. Some of these areas require permits or tags before entering, so make sure you research beforehand.

Rice Fields & Swampy Areas

Feral pigs love rice paddies as they enjoy eating rice plants during their growth stage; hence hunters should focus on rice fields’ periphery during this period (April through September). Also, swampy regions hold a lot of moisture necessary for pig survival; thus such locations are hotspots worth exploring when searching through marshes or wetlands-related habitats.

As mentioned earlier, Arkansas has many sites worth visiting while searching out feral hogs. Whether your preference lies within dense woods or extensive open spaces depends upon personal preference as you’re capable of spotting some anywhere if lucky enough! Factors such as access permissions/licenses required, habitat diversity, and physical attributes of the hunting area must be considered before planning your hunting expedition. Remember to practice safety when hog hunting in Arkansas or any other location as it can be dangerous for both you and these formidable creatures!