The Ultimate Guide to Hog Hunting in Florida: Where to Find the Best Wild Boar Hotspots


Are you looking for a thrilling adventure in Florida? Hunting hogs might be just the activity you’re looking for. With their destructive nature and overpopulation, wild hogs are considered pests in many parts of the state. However, that doesn’t take away from the excitement that comes with hunting them. In this post, we’ll explore some of the best places to hunt hogs in Florida.

Ocala National Forest

Located north of Orlando, Ocala National Forest offers several opportunities for hog hunting enthusiasts. The forest has both public and private lands open to hunters and offers guided hunts as well as self-guided options. The peak season for hog hunting is from November to March when temperatures drop.

Taylor County

Taylor County located on Florida’s Gulf Coast is known as one of the best destinations for hog hunting in the state due to its vast swamplands teeming with wildlife including wild boars. Hunters must have a permit issued by the county before conducting any hunt within its borders.

Kissimmee River Public Use Area

Kissimmee River Public Use Area located south of Orlando features thousands of acres filled with oak hammocks, cypress stands, and wetlands providing perfect habitat for wild hogs all year round making it an excellent destination for hog hunters anytime during the year.


Now that you know some of the top places to hunt hogs in Florida go ahead and embark on your next outdoor adventure! But keep in mind whether self-guided or guided make sure you comply with local regulations regarding permits/licenses before commencing any hunt whatsoever irrespective of location while adhering strictly to safety guidelines too so everyone can enjoy a safe experience outdoors!