The Ultimate Guide to Hog Hunting in Texas: Where and How to Find Wild Boars


Texas is a perfect place to hunt wild hogs. These animals are considered pests in the state since they destroy crops and harm livestock. Hunting wild hogs has become a popular sport throughout Texas, attracting hunters from all over the country. However, finding where to hunt them can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the area.

Public Land Hunts

One of the best places to go hog hunting in Texas is on public land. There are many national forests, wildlife management areas, and state parks that allow hunting for these pesky creatures. You can find more information about legal hunting opportunities by visiting Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website.

Private Land Hunts

Hunting on private property could give you access to exclusive locations that aren’t available for public hunts. Many ranches across Texas offer guided tours or day hunts for visitors who want an experience of a lifetime while helping control their hog population at the same time! To ensure a successful hunt, it’s important to obtain permission before entering someone else’s property.

Hunting Regulations

In addition to obtaining permission, there are some regulations that hunters must follow when hunting wild hogs in Texas.These include having a valid license and tag or permit fee exemption certificate issued by TPWD; only using legal weapons (including firearms); wearing hunter orange clothing during daylight hours; taking only those animals allowed under bag limits set forth by TPWD; and reporting harvests within 24 hours.


Hog hunting in Texas is exciting no matter what kind of terrain you prefer: open prairies or rugged mountainsides. With plenty of options between private lands and public lands alike there’s something out there waiting just for your next adventure! Just make sure you acquire proper permissions beforehand so as not infringe on anyone’s property rights or hunting laws. Happy hunting!