Wild Hog Hunting: Where to Find and How to Hunt Hogs


Hunting hogs is becoming an increasingly popular pastime in the United States. Not only is it a thrilling and challenging experience, but many people hunt hogs for their meat. If you’re interested in hunting hogs, you may be wondering where to start looking for them. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best places to hunt hogs.

Private Land

One of the most common places to hunt hogs is on private land. Many landowners allow hog hunting on their property as a way to control the population and protect their crops or livestock from damage caused by feral pigs. You can find these opportunities through leasing companies or by contacting individual landowners directly.

Public Lands

If you don’t have access to private land or prefer hunting on public lands, there are options available as well. National forests, state parks, and wildlife management areas often allow hog hunting during certain times of the year with proper permits and licenses.

Hog Hunting Outfitters

Another option is hiring a professional hog hunting outfitter who will guide you through your hunt while providing all necessary equipment and accommodations. Some outfitters even offer night vision hunts for those looking for extra excitement.

Farms & Ranches

Lastly, farms and ranches that breed domesticated pigs sometimes offer hog hunting experiences too – though it’s important not get confused between domesticated pig farming (which would be considered animal abuse if hunted) versus wild boar / feral pigs which cause environmental harm.


No matter where you choose to go hog hunting – whether it’s on private land or with an outfitter – make sure that you follow all regulations regarding permits/licenses/and seasonal restrictions when applicable before starting your adventure into this exciting sport. With so many options available across America; now is the perfect opportunity to explore your options and experience this thrilling activity firsthand.