The Perfect Spot: Where to Hunt Turkey in Colorado


Turkey hunting in Colorado is a popular activity among hunters from all over the country. The state’s diverse landscape, including mountains, canyons, and prairies, offers excellent habitats for these birds. If you’re looking to hunt turkey in Colorado but don’t know where to start, this guide will give you some ideas.

The Best Places To Hunt Turkey In Colorado

Colorado has several regions that are known for their turkey populations. One of the most productive areas is in the eastern part of the state near towns like Limon and Lamar. These areas have vast expanses of grasslands where Merriam’s turkeys thrive. Other good places to look for turkeys include national forests such as San Juan National Forest or Pike National Forest.

When To Hunt Turkeys In Colorado

The best time to hunt turkeys in Colorado is during spring season between mid-April and late May when male birds begin their mating rituals (gobbling). During this period, Turkeys move about more freely than usual. This means it’s easier to locate them by listening out for their calls.

Licensing Requirements For Hunting Turkey In Colorado

To legally hunt turkey in colorado you must purchase either an over-the-counter license or draw a limited-entry license via lottery (this method has fewer tags available). You may also need additional permits if choosing specific hunting regions e.g., private land access permit etc.


With its varied terrain and abundant wildlife populations, it is no surprise that people flock here nationwide seeking hunting opportunities year-round – especially when it comes to striking big-game like Turkeys! Following these tips should enable any hunter looking forward to chasing after turkeys to find a suitable location within this colorful state while being prepared with all necessary licensing requirements before hitting the field!