Oregon Hunting 101: Where to Find the Best Turkey Spots


Oregon is known for its diverse and picturesque landscapes, but it’s also a prime spot for turkey hunting. With several game management units (GMUs) scattered across the state, it can be overwhelming to decide where to hunt turkey in Oregon. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top spots for turkey hunting and what makes them stand out.

Game Management Units (GMUs)

First things first- understanding GMUs is crucial when planning your turkey hunting trip in Oregon. There are 50 GMUs scattered across the state that help regulate wildlife populations and maintain healthy ecosystems. Each unit has its own set of regulations and rules depending on the species you’re targeting, so make sure you do your research before heading out.

Some popular GMUs for turkey hunting include Sled Springs, Wenaha, Hoodoo Unit, Santiam Unit, McKenzie Unit – North Subunit & Oakridge Subunit and Metolius Unit.

Public Lands

One of the perks of living in Oregon is access to an abundance of public land open for recreational use. Turkey hunters have an array of options when it comes to public lands suitable for hunting turkeys such as BLM lands or National Forests like Deschutes National Forest spread throughout central OR.

The Willamette Valley Wildlife Area is another option known for its high-density population with easy access trails making it perfect novice hunters or those taking family trips into nature

Private Land

For those who prefer private lands over public ones should get permission from local landowners/farmers beforehand as many farms provide opportunities during certain times a year – usually around springtime! One such example would be Humboldt Farm located near Corvallis which provides lodging accommodations making it ideal if you want extended time away from city life!

In conclusion: There are plenty of great spots for turkey hunting in Oregon, from public lands to private ones. As always with any outdoor activity, make sure you’re well prepared and have the appropriate licenses and permits before setting out on your hunt. Happy hunting!