Where to Hunt Wild Boar in California: Top Hunting Grounds


Wild boar hunting is a popular sport in California. The state has an abundant population of feral hogs, which makes it a great destination for hunters. Finding the right place to hunt for wild boars can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to the activity. In this blog post, we will guide you on where to go hunting wild boar in California.

Public Lands

California has many public lands that offer plenty of opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters alike. Some of these public hunting lands include BLM land, national forests, and state parks. Public land hunts require permission from the managing agency and some may require permits or tags as well. Make sure you check with each location’s rules before heading out.

Ranches and Private Landowners

Another option for those looking to hunt wild pigs in California is contacting ranches or private landowners that allow hog hunting on their property for a fee. These properties often provide guided tours with experienced guides who know the best spots to find wild hogs.

Hunting Clubs

Hunting clubs are another good way of finding locations where you can hunt wild boars legally in California without owning any private property yourself since they usually rent/have exclusive rights over large areas of land filled with game animals such as deer or pigs.


California offers several options when it comes to enjoying the thrill of pig hunting – from public lands managed by federal agencies like Forest Service or BLM; private ranches owned by individuals willing to lease their space out; all-inclusive outfitters who specialize solely on guiding hunters throughout remote regions overgrown vegetation abound everywhere waiting patiently – there’s no wrong answer! Happy Hunting!