Wild Boar Hunting in North Carolina: Where to Find and Catch Wild Boar

What is Wild Boar?

Wild boar, also known as wild hog or feral pig, are a species of pig native to North America. They can be found in the forests and swamps of many states, including North Carolina. Wild boars are typically dark-haired animals with long tusks and thick hides. They’re considered an invasive species because they compete for resources with native wildlife such as deer and turkeys.

Where to Find Them in North Carolina

Wild boars can be found throughout most of central and eastern North Carolina. The majority of wild boar populations are concentrated along rivers and streams in areas with dense foliage cover – especially hardwood forests where there’s plenty of food availability from acorns or other fruits/nuts. Coastal regions may also contain small pockets of wild boar populations due to their high tolerance for saltwater habitats.

Best Hunting Practices

When hunting wild boar it’s important that hunters practice safe and ethical hunting methods. Hunters should wear blaze orange clothing at all times while out in the field, as well as keep themselves within a reasonable distance from any hogs they may encounter (at least 50 yards). Additionally, only use firearms that have been properly sight checked by a qualified gunsmith prior to taking them into the field – this will ensure your firearm is functioning safely when you’re out hunting hogs!