Turkey Hunting Basics: Where to Sit for Maximum Success


Turkey hunting is an exciting activity that requires patience and strategy. One significant aspect of turkey hunting is where to sit. The wrong position could cause the birds to avoid your area, hence ruining your hunt. In this blog post, we will discuss some critical factors you should consider when choosing where to sit while turkey hunting.

Choose a Concealed Spot

Turkeys have keen eyesight and can spot movement from afar. For this reason, it’s essential to select a concealed spot before you start calling them in. Look for a shady or bushy location that offers cover from the birds’ vision but allows you to observe their movements without any obstruction.

Avoid Areas with Heavy Traffic

When picking a spot for turkey hunting, stay away from high traffic areas such as hiking trails or campgrounds. Turkeys are known to avoid noisy places and prefer quiet areas with fewer human activities.

Consider the Wind Direction

Wind direction plays a crucial role in turkey hunting, especially during springtime when they rely heavily on their sense of smell. Always choose a location where the wind is blowing towards you so that your scent does not spook them while approaching your calls.

Find High Grounds

Finding high ground overlooking valleys or ridges increases visibility while also providing better acoustics for calls echoing through surrounding contours compared to low-lying grounds near rivers.

In conclusion, scouting out suitable spots where turkeys tend to roost overnight within 100 yards off feeding areas before daylight hours is vital if you want success at bagging one home safely! Remember always lookout for signs like tracks and droppings since these pesky birds move fast on foot over long distances in search of food sources nearby!

Happy Hunting!