Behind the Scenes: Filming Locations of ‘The Deer Hunter’


Released in 1978, The Deer Hunter is a classic American film that explores the themes of war, friendship, love and loss. Directed by Michael Cimino and starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep among others, this movie was filmed on location in several states across the United States.


The majority of the movie’s scenes were shot in Washington D.C., Ohio and Pennsylvania. The town of Clairton in western Pennsylvania is where most of the film takes place. In fact, it is said that almost all outdoor sequences such as weddings or funerals were filmed here.


While most parts of The Deer Hunter take place in America, few pivotal moments happen during the Vietnam War segment which has been filmed overseas. Some scenes depict a jungle-like landscape with soldiers fighting for their lives against an unseen enemy – these scenes are set to have been recorded near Bangkok in Thailand.

The Wedding Sequence

One notable scene that stands out from The Deer Hunter entails one long wedding sequence involving many details packed into ten minutes; presenting traditional customs including prayers being said over food followed by speeches from friends toasts raised to newlyweds! This famous wedding scene was actually shot at St.Thomas’s church located on Fifth Avenue New York City.


Some critics argue that Cleveland serves as an important backdrop for some key scenes throughout this film; especially when Mike Vronsky (played by Robert de Niro) visits his friend Steven Pushkov after returning home following his tour of duty overseas. Several street corners within downtown Cleveland can be seen appearing prominently throughout key dialogues between characters.

In conclusion one could say that filming locations played quite significant roles while making “The Deer Hunter” although not much emphasis has been given towards it – it certainly adds to the movie’s overall cinematic experience and remains an interesting topic to delve into.