The Best Shotgun Choke for Hunting Turkey: How to Get the Perfect Shot


Turkey hunting season is just around the corner, and every hunter is excited to hit the woods. However, choosing the right shotgun choke can make or break your hunt because it affects your shooting accuracy and range. In this article, we will explore different types of shotgun chokes and determine which one is best for hunting turkey.

What are Shotgun Chokes?

Shotgun chokes are interchangeable tubes that you screw into the muzzle end of a shotgun barrel to constrict the shot pattern. The constriction determines how wide or tight pellets spread after leaving the barrel. There are mainly four types of shotgun chokes – Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, and Full.

The Best Choke for Hunting Turkey

When it comes to turkey hunting, most hunters prefer using either an Improved Cylinder (IC) choke or a Full Choke depending on their preferences. An IC choke has moderate constriction that allows better control over pellet spread while still providing enough coverage at medium ranges. On the other hand, a Full Choke offers maximum constriction resulting in tighter patterns at longer ranges but less forgiving if you miss slightly.

Factors Affecting Shotgun Choke Selection

The type of terrain where you’ll be hunting plays an important role in selecting a choke tube as well as whether you’re using lead or non-toxic shotshells. If you’re hunting in dense forests with lots of underbrushes and trees then go with an IC choke since it provides good coverage without widening too much between trees branches etc., whereas if open fields are your preferred ground then use full choke for optimal accuracy from long distances.

Another essential factor is knowing how far away turkeys usually appear during your hunt; determining this distance will help pick out appropriate chokes suited best according to proximity requirements such as close range shots requiring more open spreads versus longer-ranged shots needing tight patterns.


Choosing the right shotgun choke can significantly impact your chances of success when hunting turkey. An Improved Cylinder (IC) choke is suitable for most hunters but a Full Choke is also popular amongst those who prefer longer-ranged shots. Factors like terrain and range should be considered before choosing a shotgun choke tube as it heavily affects accuracy and coverage during turkey hunting season. Ultimately, choose what you feel comfortable using and practice well before going out into the woods on your next turkey hunt!