Wild Boar Hunting in Illinois: An Insider’s Guide to the Best Hotspots


Wild boar hunting in Illinois is an activity that has gained popularity over the years. With its growing numbers and increasing nuisance, it’s become a thrilling activity for many hunters. The state of Illinois allows wild boar hunting throughout the year with no bag limit, making it one of the best places to hunt in the United States.

Locations for Wild Boar Hunting

Illinois offers several locations where you can go wild boar hunting. There are public lands and private ranches that offer guided hunts. Shawnee National Forest, Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, and Pere Marquette State Park are some popular public land areas that have ample populations of wild hogs.

Private ranches like High Ridge Hunting Preserve or Rendleman Orchards provide guided hunts with experienced guides who know every inch of their property and guarantee a successful hunt.

The Best Time to Hunt Wild Boars

The best time to hunt wild boars depends on various factors such as weather conditions, feeding habits, breeding season and more. These animals are most active during dawn and dusk so this may be a good time to catch them off guard.

Winter months (December-February) could also be a great time since food sources get depleted, forcing these animals out into the open looking for food.

Tips for Successful Wild Boar Hunting

To increase your chances of success when going on a hog hunt there are certain things you should keep in mind:

1) Use proper equipment – A firearm capable of taking down large game along with proper ammo is necessary
2) Utilize scent blockers – spraying yourself down before your hunt can help mask human scent.
3) Approach quietly – Hogs possess excellent hearing & smiting sense hence moving as silent as possible will up your chances.
4) Know how they behave – understanding their feeding patterns, breeding season and typical behaviour will give you an edge.

In conclusion, wild boar hunting in Illinois is a thrilling experience that every hunter should consider. With the correct equipment, technique, and knowledge about these animals’ habits and habitats, there’s no doubt you’ll have a successful hunt. So grab your gear and head to Illinois for some of the best hog hunting around!