Illinois 2021 Deer Hunting: What Rifles Are Allowed?


The topic of deer hunting and the use of rifles in Illinois has been a controversial issue for many years. Some hunters feel that rifles are necessary to effectively hunt deer while others argue that they are too dangerous and should not be allowed. As we approach 2021, there is still much debate over whether or not Illinois will allow rifles for deer hunting.

The Current Law

Currently, the state of Illinois only allows shotguns and muzzleloaders for deer hunting. This means that hunters must use either a shotgun or a black powder rifle to hunt deer during the designated season. However, some counties may have additional restrictions on what types of firearms can be used.

The Debate Over Rifle Use

The main argument for allowing rifles in Illinois is that they offer more accuracy and range than shotguns or muzzleloaders. Supporters believe this would result in quicker kills and less suffering by the animal. Opponents argue that rifles are too powerful and pose a danger to other hunters as well as non-hunters who may be near the area.

Possible Changes in 2021

While there has been no official announcement from the state regarding any changes to current regulations, there has been speculation about possible changes coming in 2021. Some advocates have pushed for expanding rifle use during certain seasons or allowing certain calibers of rifles with limitations on ammunition type.


As it stands now, it remains unclear if Illinois will allow rifles for deer hunting in 2021 or beyond. While both sides present valid arguments, ultimately it will come down to state officials making decisions based on public safety concerns as well as input from stakeholders such as hunters’ associations and wildlife agencies. In any case, it’s important to remember that responsible hunting practices always prioritize safety first – both for humans involved with the sport and the animals being hunted.