Goose Hunting Tips

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Geese are a very popular game target for hunters. These birds normally travel in flocks. Since these birds often fly in big flocks, it can become very difficult for the hunter to hunt them down. There are a number of factors, which have a role to play in hunting geese. You can make use of the following goose hunting tips and hunt a fowl and prove, that you are indeed a hunter.

Goose Hunting Tips and Tricks

There are different seasons which a person can go goose hunting in. In some areas, goose hunting is carried out for as long as 6 months of the year, which includes spring, early, regular and late seasons. Now let’s see some tips for goose hunting.

Team Up

When you want to go goose hunting, you should team up with fellow hunters to go goose hunting in a large open field. When you have a team, you can divide the different hunting activities amongst each other and be sure of hunting down some fowl.

Locate the Birds

When you go hunting, it is not sufficient, that you only see the birds. You will have to locate the fields in which the birds feed. More often than not, you may have to seek permission from the agriculture land owner to hunt on his fields. It is often seen that, geese can be very unpredictable and may not use the same field everyday. Hence, it is better, you have a back up plan in place.

Choose the Right Setup

Once you have found the right location, it is time to choose the right set up. Geese like to land, feed and rest in places, where they feel comfortable and safe. Since, they travel in large flocks, you will have to choose a setup, which will be able to accommodate the entire flock of birds.

Placing Decoys

If you want the geese to land on the field you want them to, you will have to go about placing a large number of decoys. They prefer landing on such grounds, which have large flocks of birds. It is your job as a hunter to setup the decoys. There are a number of options available in the decoys. You can make use of shell or silhouette decoys as well as cheaper decoys made from white rags. The setting of these decoys will have to be done in such a fashion, that it appears as though the geese are feeding. Some of the decoys will have to be setup to appear sleeping. The other ways of placing the decoys is as though, the geese were resting. Some decoys will have to be setup near the shoreline. This will indicate the presence of water.


When you are going goose hunting, you will have to make sure that you make use of the goose call properly, as geese are more responsive to a bird call, than most other birds. However, if you are located in a good goose hunting location, you may not really need a goose caller.

Go Undercover

When the geese are flying, there are hundreds of eyes, which are peering down at the ground. These geese prefer to land only in those areas, they see birds. Hence you will have to make sure, you go undercover, you may choose to wear hunting camouflage clothing, then conceal yourself and all evidence well, so that the birds are not able to distinguish which is which. It is recommended, that hunters be dressed in white. Make sure the cars are parked at least ¾ to 1 mile away from the hunting ground. If you have a dog along with you, it is important, that there is no movement from the dog till you send it to retrieve downed geese. You may want to read more on hunting gear.

Be Patient

Do not jump at the first opportunity to open fire. You should wait as you will get ample opportunity to fire at the birds. Make sure, you wait for most of the birds to land. When the geese land, they will be spooked as what they thought as large flocks of birds are actually decoys. Once the birds have landed, shoot the bird, which is closest to you, however make sure you discuss the hunting strategy with the other members of the group. An idea would be to assign shooting lanes to each hunter, this will prevent a number of hunters from aiming at the same bird.

For further reading

After all the goose hunting tips, I would like to give you a tip, that as a hunter is important to you. You should be dressed in layers, as there are chances of the weather turning from bad to worse. It is important, you are prepared for any situation. I am sure you would really be disappointed, if you have to leave early due to a change in the weather and because you are not dressed for the occasion. Happy Hunting!