Hunting Pros and Cons

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If hunting is considered as a hobby for most people across the world, it is also known as a crime in many countries. The animal instinct in humans was first brought alive through hunting during the stone age, when man had not discovered any food resources other than predation. He hunted like other wild animals, schemed a plan to attract his prey, waited till it approached and then pounced on it with weapons till the animal finally gave in. This practice of hunting has been followed even after millions of years of evolution and is very dominant till today.

Even though we are in the 21st century, exploring innumerable horizons, some people practice hunting as a hobby even today. However, it is considered a crime when a few endangered animals like some species of deer, peacocks, the Bengal tiger, and other animals on their way to extinction, are hunted just for pleasure! Therefore, to continue with this debate on hunting, there are a few hunting pros and cons mentioned in the following paragraphs. So read on and pick your side!

Pros and Cons of Hunting

Food is the most basic requirement for any living being to survive. According to nature, the food chain begins and ends with a prey and its predator. Hunting is also one of the laws made by nature to balance the population on the earth’s surface and it is through hunting, that the circle of life is complete. But an excess of anything is considered injurious, and this applies for hunting as well. Today men practice hunting as nothing but one of those among a list of hobbies, because there is no requirement for predation by humans. In a few countries, where exotic species of animals which are meant to be preserved are present, hunting is illegal. Here’s a list of some hunting pros and cons compiled just for you in the paragraphs below.

Pros of Hunting

  • For those who believe in hunting as a hobby, it serves as a great outdoor experience. It can be considered as a good exercise, when you are on a day out!
  • Hunting doesn’t mean you have to hunt deer, elephants, and bigger animals, but you can experience the enjoyment by hunting hares, ducks, birds and fishing (also a type of hunting).
  • One of the main pros of hunting are known to be the art of survival which is mastered through this, in case you are stranded in lonely areas. It gives you knowledge about how and what to hunt. You can also read about hunting techniques.
  • Hunting is also known to be used for controlling the population of certain animals and men is found to replace some predators which were active in the food chain but are now extinct.
  • Today, an economical provision is made by various hunters and sportsmen by donating millions of dollars to improve wildlife and the environment of sanctuaries. In countries where hunting is legal, they make sure the endangered species are not harmed.

Cons of Hunting

  • I am sure many of you reading this article have negative opinions about hunting and killing animals just for the pure excuse of a hobby. However, highlighting this point is very essential when we are discussing hunting pros and cons.
  • Hunting contributes in reducing the number of valuable animal species and leads to their extinction, and also disturbs the ecosystem to quite an extent. For a number of hunters over-killing animals has become more of a habit that a hobby, which can be very unhealthy for a particular species, which are almost becoming extinct animals.
  • Even though many nations allow hunting, there are also many deer hunting pros and cons which need to be discussed before legalizing these acts of ruthless behavior. The same should also be considered for whale hunting pros and cons, as hunting these exotic creations of nature are not a very healthy hobby!

With these various hunting pros and cons, I am sure you have chosen the side you would like to debate on. However, on a personal basis I would say that if you have a hunting hobby, make sure you first see what you are pointing your gun at, and then take a shot.