Long Range Shooting Tips

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Action without thought is like shooting without aim.”

From this quote let’s forget about action and concentrate on shooting. Has it happened that you have aimed for something while you went hunting which is at a considerable distance and your aim faltered? Initially I am sure it must have happened, right? Then to improve your aim, I am sure that you might have got some good long range shooting tips from some old timers then, right? Here is something which might make you reminiscent about those days when you did venture into shooting as a hobby!

Tips for Long Range Shooting

Shooting is not just about pulling the trigger after aiming. There is much more to shooting than just that.

Controlling the Trigger

Get a hold of a snap cap, do that and you will not break the firing pin. A spent shell can be used but just once or twice and not more than that. Here is the tip now. Balance a dime horizontally on the tip of the barrel of the gun and dry fire. Make sure that you do not move or shake at all, or else the dime will fall off. This one will give you excellent trigger control.

Elevating the Shooting Expertise

One of the long range shooting techniques is elevation. One of the main issues regarding this is to be able to gauge the distances correctly. It is not much of a problem when it is about shorter distances. Hence for getting better at long range shooting, practicing making adjustments on the range having targets at different distances will give the shooter a better idea of judgment required when he or she actually goes hunting. You may also like to read about best rifle for deer hunting.

Zero In

Here is another of the long range shooting tips which has been proposed by experts in the field. It says that whenever a shooter has to travel a distance for hunting or shooting and if the baggage is somewhere else, a good practice is to check the zero of the rifle as soon he or she arrives at the requisite destination. The reason being that even if it is a very good carrier, the gun can take a beating in it.

Rest Assured

Be it long range shooting rifles or short range, it is essential to have a solid resting surface for the rifle. To be specific, the butt stock and the forearm of the rifle have to be placed, on a stable surface, which is firm and still resilient. It is not a good idea, resting the stock of your rifle directly on a hard surface either, according to professionals in this field.

The Caliber of the Rifle

In case of amateurs and who have just embarked on the path of learning how to shoot, it is important to know that bolt action and single shot rifles come with a tighter chamber and a tighter lock up. Moreover, these are built on a stable platform. On the other hand, Semi automatics, pumps and level action rifles typically come with loose chambers as compared to the bolt action and single shot rifles. Great caliber selection and accurate long range performance make the bolt or single action rifles a desirable pick for professionals.

Points to Aim At

In addition to the detailed shooting tips, here is a quick low down on some more long range shooting tips. Have a look!

  • It is essential to be able to have an idea of the wind in all directions and for that an ideal device would be something like a digital wind speed indicator.
  • Some experts say that weighing and measuring every round that a shooter reloads enhances the consistency of measuring powder for reloading.
  • Assuming that the better the scope the better the shot is a myth, experts say. A scope only helps you spot and sight the target better and once that is done, the cross hairs will tell you where the bullet should ideally land.
  • Long range binoculars is a must for long range shooting!

Last, but not the least, if a shooter feels the shot is not on target, thanks to the weapon used, perhaps a change in the shooting and hunting technique is just what might be required, as per the expert speak. Oh and at the end of the day, PRACTICE! That is one of the best long range shooting tips to be remembered! I go off the range here! Hit it! Bang on!